Ferrari 812 GTS

Ferrari 812 GTS

Warranty/Service Available
Kilometers 1800
Number of Cylinders 12
Year 2021
Horsepower 789
Fuel Type Gasoline
Region Specs GCC
Doors 2

Ferrari 812 GTS –

Introducing the exquisite 2021 Ferrari 812 GTS in a captivating dark blue exterior and a striking orange interior – a combination that epitomises both sophistication and sportiness. This masterpiece of automotive engineering seamlessly blends breathtaking design, unparalleled performance, and the thrill of open-top driving.

Exterior Elegance:
The deep, rich dark blue exterior of the 812 GTS is a testament to Ferrari’s commitment to timeless design. Its flowing lines, muscular curves, and aggressive stance create an aura of raw power and refined beauty. The retractable hardtop elegantly transforms this masterpiece from a coupe to an open-air driving experience, allowing you to feel the wind in your hair as you cruise along the road.

Interior Opulence:
Step inside the cabin, and you’ll be enveloped in an environment that exudes luxury and excitement. The bold orange interior creates a dynamic contrast against the dark blue exterior, making a statement that this is no ordinary car. The premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and attention to detail reflect Ferrari’s dedication to creating an environment where driving becomes an art form.

Unrivalled Performance:
Beneath the sculpted hood lies the heart of a true performance machine. The naturally aspirated V12 engine roars to life with an exhilarating symphony, producing an astonishing amount of power and torque. With every press of the throttle, you’ll experience a surge of acceleration that pins you to your seat, propelling you from 0 to 100 KM/h in 3 seconds. The precision-tuned suspension and advanced aerodynamics ensure that every corner is a dance of precision and control.

Cutting-Edge Technology:
The 812 GTS is not just a work of art – it’s also a technological marvel. From advanced driver assistance systems to intuitive infotainment, every aspect of the driving experience is enhanced by innovative technology. Whether you’re enjoying a spirited drive on winding roads or simply cruising down the highway, you’ll have access to a suite of features that keep you connected, informed, and in control.

Owning a Dream:
The 2021 Ferrari 812 GTS isn’t just a car – it’s a dream realised. It’s a celebration of automotive excellence, a fusion of design and engineering that transcends mere transportation. As you grip the steering wheel and feel the power at your fingertips, you’ll understand that owning a Ferrari isn’t just about driving – it’s about embracing a legacy, a passion, and a lifestyle.

Imagine the sun setting on a coastal road, the engine’s roar harmonising with the waves crashing in the distance, and the wind carrying your cares away. This is the experience that the 812 GTS promises – a symphony of sights, sounds, and sensations that remind you why driving is more than a necessity; it’s a passion.

Available at Nova Luxury cars, where automotive excellence meets unparalleled luxury.

AED 1,350,000
Mileage 1800Km
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine 6.5
Transmission Automatic
Drive RWD
Exterior Color Dark Blue
Interior Color Orange

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